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Spring into your home (part 2)


Garnish the rooms with natural inside plants that will always delight the eye. One of the best options is violets or marguerites blooming with white, purple and bright pink petals. Flowers with a light aroma are always suitable. If your room is located on the south side, you can arrange a mini garden on your windowsill. If you cannot decorate your home with fresh flowers for any reason, try to use the bright compositions of artificial flowers.


To upgrade the interior, use a bright rug or some throw pillows that will be able to give beauty and individuality to your home. Pillows that match with other textile elements in your rooms will look great. Large floral print is a great choice for a spring mood. Invigorating red floral colors add joy of life to your interior. This design can be considered as an antidote for boredom and attunes you to the spring wave.


It is also possible to make some substantial changes in the interior by repainting of only one wall in a room. The color should be chosen based on your own preferences and the overall interior color. For example, if your living room's walls are light yellow, try to repaint one of them in purple, obtaining a spring color combination that will always please and invigorate you. Accent this wall with a picture or a piece of art to underline the interior decoration.


Add some decorative vases, figurines, candlesticks and other pleasant things, catching the eye. Such change of decorations will be a reflection of your personality and will develop creativity. Glass vases and decorative tableware will create an unique play of light, illumine your room and fill it with a lightness; it's good idea to place these items close to windows, on tables, shelves or windowsills.

Mirrors and paintings can play a special role in the renewal of your interior. With proper placement of mirrors you can achieve the visual enlargement of the room and create an effect of the larger space. Your own photos that will remind you about the wonderful moments of life, can also become the original interior accents.

Finally, scented candles are worth mentioning.They are a great way of discovering harmony and relaxation. With help of scented candles you'll forget about stress and irritability, and get a calm and relaxed feeling. Also, your house will be filled with warmth and a light aroma.

Now you know how to easily and inexpensively upgrade your interior and create a spring mood; give these things a try, experiment, and just enjoy the results.

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