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Spring into your home (part 1)


Spring is a time of flowering and renaissance. During this period, many of us have an immense desire to change something in our life. If you also want some changes, it's a good time to change a tired interior. Following this advice will help you to create a new interior for the spring-summer period without any special efforts and big expense.


First of all, you need to get rid of unnecessary belongings which not only reduce the space of the home, but also deprive you of positive energy, according to Feng-Shui. Therefore, all needless things should be thrown out and the remaining stuff organized in the right places. As a result, you will find that your home got gets fresher and there is a lot of free space. A perfect order will certainly set the good mood.


Thanks to the windows a lot of sunlight comes in to our house, so do not forget to clean them. Admit more of natural light into your home, removing heavy drapes and window blinds that are more winter options. Instead of heavy coverings, decorate windows with light translucent curtains. Organza, silk and linen can enliven almost any spring interior. Use warm colors (orange, yellow, red) to create a spring mood.


You can change the interior, by just swapping a few pieces of furniture. It's pretty easy to do and doesn't need any extra expense, which is also very important. The new arrangement of the furniture will help you to take another look at your home. In addition,it is a psychological design trick to absolutely raise your spirits. It should be remembered that the bulky furniture should be placed along the walls. If you are a long and narrow room, a sofa, positioned cross-ways across the room may visually enlarge it.


Interior designers recommend updating old furniture by your own hands. For example, you can repaint the old cabinetusing some bright color and it will give a new look to your room.

You can try one interesting option - decorate old furniture with a stenciled pattern. The best way to do it is by using pastel shades. Pick your preferred design (flowers, leaves, butterflies), place it on the surface of the furniture, and start painting. Everything must dry during two days, and then a drawing must be covered with two layers of a clear coat. Let it dry out and now you can admire this exclusive piece of art. You also can use the same technique with wall and curtain decorations.

To be continued...

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